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Deenview Project is an art project which includes everyone who wants to join.

Most of the people involved are from Deenview Centre but some people are not.


Deenview building

Deenview Centre, Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny

Deenview Centre is a place where people with learning disabilities go each day to be supported with the things that they like to do.

Many of these people are the participants of this art project along with some people who work in Deenview.

We all work together with artist Tunde Toth in a studio space on Barrack street in Castlecomer town. Everybody knows Tunde well: she has been working with the group since 2015, doing different art projects and workshops.

Here are some pictures of our work together from other projects.

Deenview Print Project, 2016

This new project in 2018 is different from other work we have done together: it is collaborative, cooperative and participatory. This means we all work together, we all are artists, we make choices and decisions together. We also might make art work together. We are learning from each other.

We are doing this by meeting each week in our space in Barracks Street: drawing, painting and print making but our most important job in this project is to ask questions and talk about:

  • Language
  • Communication and understanding each other
  • Problems with communication – in local and wider communities
  • Use of Lámh signs
  • Things we use to help us communicate (let people know what we want to say)
  • Access – to services, public spaces, information.

We have been talking, recording and making art together in this project since January 2018. We have also visited art exhibitions in Dublin (IMMA) and Carlow (VISUAL).

We know that many artists have done work about some of the problems different communities have – some artists have used photography, and some have used painting/drawing or filming to say something about things which are wrong in the world.

Through our project we want to talk about some of the problems that we have, and some of the things that we think are not OK in Ireland.

We have recorded our work with:

  • Photographs
  • Notes / writings / drawings
  • Sound recordings
  • Video



We worked together to make the Accessible Consent Form: this was a way of recording if we thought it was ok to be filmed/photographed/recorded. We talk very often about what consent means and our right to say yes or no.

We choose what we would like for the project website together and we also share the job of taking photographs and recording our work in different ways.


Deenview Project is part of Tunde′s research and studies for her MA course in Limerick School of Art and Design (LIT), this means that Tunde will use the work we have done together for some of her college work.