Lámh – Module 1 Course – a shared communication aid

Lámh is an Unaided, Manual Sign System, adapted from Irish Sign Language; it`s a type of Alternative/Augmentative Communication Support.

Module 1 course, 12 July Kilkenny

Artist Tunde Toth have participated in the course, supported by one of the project partners: the Lámh Development Office (Carlow IT). Lámh is a keyword signing system that encourages eye contact and attention to movement. It can reduce frustration connected o communication problems and can lead to further attempts or more continuous communication. The Module 1 course teaches 100 signs.

A number of Deenview Project participants use Lámh signs often, while regular and continuous signing still needs encouragement for many people involved. They may have learned Lámh in school as children or young adults but everyday use in adulthood sometimes lacks motivation or opportunity. Completing the Module 1 course meant that participants who already knew and used signs were further encouraged to use Lámh during the art project, creating a more equal and inclusive environment through a shared communication aid. Some participants also started to show and teach signs in the group: a process that gradually became a regular occurrence with questions of “Can you show me the sign for this?” or “Is this the correct sign for …?”.  Having a shared communication aid between service users, staff members and artist is also an important contributor to the process of transforming the role of the artist in this project.

For more on the role of the artist in a collaborative, conversational/dialogical project read a reflective essay by Tunde Toth here:

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