Textile Art Course 2016

The Textile Art Course with participants from the Deenview Community took place in the Autumn and Winter of 2016/2017, and was funded through the Community Education Scheme at Carlow-Kilkenny ETB. 11 people took part in the course, including service users and staff members. The first few sessions were held at the artist′s studio (Kozo Studio), followed by weekly sessions at Castlecomer Library.

Processes included Batik, Weaving (using recycled materials) and Silk Fibre Paper Making (a contemporary technique using pure raw silk fibres and fabric dyes). These are slow, often meticulous making processes that demand continuous attention and patience – abilities that are in abundance within this group of participants!

Themes and ideas for the individual and collaborative works were discussed with the participants in detail and everyone was encouraged to develop and express their own ideas for the works, follow their own choices of images, colours, textures.

IMAGES from Batik workshops:

IMAGES from Weaving and Silk Fibre Paper Making sessions: