Deenview Print Project 2016


March – June 2016, KOZO Studio and Deenview Centre

Supported by an Arts Act Grant from Kilkenny County Council Arts Office (AAG 2016)

Deenview Print Project is a collaborative, participatory and inclusive art project that took part in various locations in 2016: at the Centre, at KOZO Studio and Gallery and in the town of Castlecomer (site visits, walks).

The project aimed to explore local environments: `rural/urban landscapes`, buildings, streets and surroundings in the town of Castlecomer; focusing on sense of place and personal connections.

Members of the Deenview community (including service users and staff members) worked together with visual artist Tunde Toth.

The process started with conversations about the locality, the town, the important or relevant places – and a collection of drawings, sketches, old and new photographs. Individual memories and family connections were remembered, connecting the project to the town on different levels. The group went on slow walks in the town of Castlecomer, searched for both the familiar and the hidden gem – choosing their own route and locations that interested them.


Participants worked on their drawings and resulting print based works at Deenview Centre as well as at the artist`s studio during April and May 2016.

Artistic processes included observations, drawings and various print making techniques, including dry point, mono-prints and collagraph printing. Participants also had the opportunity to use a small printing press for dry point prints on site.

Finished works and project outcomes include a number of individual images and collaborative works:

  • A large scale work printed by Tunde Toth directly onto a selected wall space (at Deenview Centre) using collagraph plates created by participants. This work was completed in June 2016, resulting in a permanent piece of art work for the community.
  • A small number of mono- and dry point prints have been also selected for framing and permanent installation at the Centre.


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