Gallery Visit at IMMA, Dublin

Gallery visits are integrated part of our ongoing project – we visit exhibitions of high profile, often challenging contemporary art. These visits to art spaces and the specialized exhibition tours are bringing a non-art space process into a professional gallery environment while exploring communication, understanding, discussion, opinion and experience.

Our first gallery visit this year took place on the 24th of July – we spent an exciting and inspiring day in IMMA.

Bairbre-Ann Harkin, research fellow at IMMA, was our guide – she selected a small number of works for the group to explore from the exhibition IMMA Collection: Coast-Lines.

We saw Op Art works by Alexandra Wejchert and the ′Kilkenny Limestone′ installation by Richard Long land artist (1991). The group explored paintings, including ′Land Fall II′ by Donald Teskey (2005) and a sculptural work by Gerda Fromel.