Deenview Project Exhibition 2019

Deenview Project Exhibition is a co-created public sharing moment for and with our participants and our communities. The Exhibition is a result of a collective process of collaborative planning, shared decision making and co-curation of artistic and documentation material.

The events took place over a couple of weeks in the Creamery House in the centre of Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny – with the much appreciated support of the owners of the house. It was important for the participants to have the exhibition placed locally with easy access for friends, family and for Deenview Centre staff. The venue also became a temporary addition to our regular locations (Barracks street “studio” and Deenview Centre building) and brought a new experience to the creative placemaking process we have been engaged with.

DEENVIEW PROJECT Exhibtion Invite 22 July 2019

Deenview Project is a participatory, collaborative, process-led art project in the context of Deenview Centre, involving members of the Deenview Community in Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny.

Artist Tunde Toth  has been working with the group – including clients and staff – since 2015; on a number of art projects that were pedagogic in nature.  This phase of the project is a departure from the educational framework; an attempt to establish a more equal partnership, a collaboration, an inclusive and empowering process for all involved.
Deenview Project was part of Tunde`s research and studies for her MA course in Limerick School of Art and Design  (MA SPACE – Master of Arts and Design in Social Practice and the Creative Environment, completed in 2018). Tunde’s socially engaged arts practice and Deenview Project itself are an important resource and material for her Advanced Masters Course in Artistic Research in Social – Political Contexts – (2019-2020) at Sint Lucas Schools of Arts, KdG, in Antwerpen, Belgium. 

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